Monday, May 19, 2014


Today we cracked and separated 4 dozen eggs generously given by our hens over the last couple of weeks.

Earlier in the day we had purchased some pastry flour for this project. We began mixing the flour into the stirred up yolks to which a small amount of water had been added. The mixing is a heavy job, but we used our dough hook on the mixer to make the process easier. We ran the heavy balls of dough through a pasta roller/cutter (seen behind the egg shells) and then hung the strips to dry. They are pictured below on a small set of clothes drying bars atop the counter ($1 at a yard sale) where we hung the dough. It dries really fast on a good day and of course, we had paper towels lining the bars. 
After the dough strips reach a certain dryness, we ran them through the pasta cutters. 
Here is one tray of the finished product. Golden yellow homemade noodles!
The dining room table full of the finished product in it's final drying stage. We will probably turn them once more this evening and let them dry all day tomorrow before bagging them up for storage.
Most of these noodles will make a trip to Colorado in June to be given to our son and his wife and our four grandchildren!!!! We are so excited to be able to go visit! The children love noodles and we hope this will be a big blessing to them!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my noodle-making adventure!

Blessings, LORI


  1. What's better than noodles? They look delicious.

  2. Oh, those look SO yummy! I know your Colorado Kin will be thankful! And 4 grandchildren? Where have I been?????

  3. Well I am impressed. I bet it is delicious.